Pros and Cons of Web-Based POS Systems

Are you considering using a web-based POS system? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of point of sale system.

For someone running a business, time is extremely valuable and if they could find ways to save time in whatever aspect, they would consider it as an opportunity to attend to other business needs. Some business owners would like to avoid the time consuming task related with maintaining their own servers like back-ups, hardware upgrades, enhancement and repairs. If you are one of them, maybe you should consider a web-based POS system.

A web based point of sale allows your POS system to be hosted and maintained by a remote organization which frees you from the hassles and costs of maintaining your own server.

Advantages of Web-Based POS

No Installation Required

The point of sale software will be hosted by your provider, and that means you will not have to go through hours of installation, trial and errors and troubleshooting the system with technical support. You won’t need to worry about updating the software, backing up your data and other technical aspects of maintaining a point of sale software.

Access the System from Anywhere

This system allows you to connect to the server through the internet and run your POS system from almost any site. Since you are allowed to connect to the server through the internet, you can easily work from home or on the road.

Easily Accessible Real-time Information

For retailers who have multiple stores, having a web based POS system will allow you to promptly share information on inventory, customers and accounting across all stores. This alone is a huge task lifted off the shoulders of a business owner. Inventory and keeping up with database for multiple stores can take so much of your time if you do it manually. If your POS software supports multi-store features, you can create purchase orders and receive inventory from any location. You can also update pricing, discounts and view inventory where you are as long as there is internet access and these are just some of the advantages of having a web based point of sale.

Disadvantages of Web-Based POS

Price Consideration

Most companies charge monthly rental fees for this kind of service and the monthly fee of the web based POS system could be a drawback depending on your financial situation. The fees can become unaffordable for retailers who have grown very large and at a certain point, it might be more reasonable to host your own software.

Dependent on Internet Connection

Web based POS systems, of course, rely on the internet speed of your location. If the internet goes down, then you will not be able to access your POS software. Also, since the web based POS relies on the internet speed, switching screens and running the software might take long depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Getting a web-based POS system will still depend on what you really want for your business for the moment and in the near future. Just be sure to take the time to research your options so that you do not put your business at risk for making the wrong decision.